Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me my Angels are already there!

When you think your faith has failed you all your hopes and dreams are gone listen for your Angel that whispers just hold on.

The Angel Whispered by Jean Hallam

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About me

Jean Hallam

Married lives near Sherwood Nottingham Uk Work with Angels, Medium, and Reiki masters in Angelic healing spiritual healers and teacher.

A lover of nature and inner peace, she finds solace and guidance in the presence of her angel while enjoying the serenity of her garden.

My Insightful Books

The Angel Whispered

The Angel Whispered by Jean Hallam

The Angel Whispered

This is my first book. I was compelled to write it as a way of healing myself. I have had a lot of traumas in my life as well as a lot of happiness, and I have used these experiences to help me gain a better perspective and view of the world around me. I believe I am a happy person, and I try not to let things phase me. Even in my darkest hours, I have found an inner strength to carry on. The one thing I love is sitting in my lovely garden on my garden swing, closing my eyes and listening to the birds sing and feeling the warm sun on my face, finding my inner peace and tranquility. This is also a place that I can connect with my angels.

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The Spotlight Network

Right Now on The Spotlight Network: Author Jean Hallam makes her literary debut with “The Angel Whispered,” a deeply personal work that emerged from her journey of healing and self-discovery. Drawing from a life marked by both trauma and happiness, Hallam’s resilient spirit shines through her writing.

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